By Susie Sun

By Susie Sun

THE staff at HC Skills are at the centre of a hive of activity this week, as no fewer than three courses get under way – all in Leeds.

First, there is the Professional Certificate in Principles Of Healthcare And Clinical Procurement Level 5 tomorrow and the next day (June 14 and 15).

Then there is the Professional Theatre/OR Access Qualification Level 5 on June 15 and 16.

Finally, we have the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Education Level 7 on June 16 and 17.

We are so busy that the next Clin Ed course with available spaces for delegates will be October 11 and 12 as the September dates are full.

As our new head of business development Graham Dodds is a beekeeper in his spare time, it proves that the company is really buzzing right now.

You know what they say: “Busy bees and a happy hive makes lots of honey.”

And to keep the metaphor going, it’s a case of “bee for best practice” too!




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