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IT could almost be a case of taking coals to Newcastle – three Clydeside girls heading to the famous Polish port city of Gdansk.

But the HC Skills International team are offering the good people of the former fellow shipbuilding mecca something they don’t already have.

And that is the Glasgow company’s defining Operating Theatre Access course – the first staging of the programme in Gdansk.

The training course is being presented by Diane Irvine, Anne Rhodes and Patricia Allowed at the Swissmed clinic on August 19.

Op1And on September 7, the trio will be joined for a second staging of the programme at Swissmed by Shiona McKelvie.

Ordinarily, the Theatre Access course runs over two days but the HC Skills team have developed a bespoke one-day version specifically for the Swished venue.

In 1980, Gdansk, also known as Danzig, was the birthplace of the Solidarity trade union movement.

Led by Lech Wałęsa, who later became the country’s president, their opposition to Communist rule in the former Soviet bloc state led to the regime’s overthrow in 1989.

The Gdansk dates bookend another staging of the course on August 26 in Brno in Slovakia, which will be hosted by Diane, Anne, Shiona and Patricia.

Swissmed is a medical organisation established in 1996 as a result of a fusion of Polish experience and expertise and Swiss investment.

It provides private and public healthcare in its clinics in Gdansk and the surrounding area.




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