Training for LSI Credentialing Register

HC Skills are providers of definitive accredited online and face-to-face courses for the healthcare industry that are compatible with the Life Science Industry National Credentialing Register and Intellicentrics.

We are internationally renowned training providers who offer online and “live” face-to-face learning programmes that lead to officially recognised qualifications that are essential for those wishing to obtain a Life Science Industry (LSI) National Credentialing Register or Intellicentrics ID card.

How do I register for your training programmes and how do I obtain and LSI identification card? Visit our “Key Outcomes” section for more details.

Following successful completion of our courses, delegates will have their details uploaded to the Intellicentrics or LSI Register.

The credentialing registers allow suppliers to the NHS to apply for an ID card which demonstrates that they are qualified to be present in hospital environments.

The LSI National Credentialing Register was developed with the objective of enhancing patient and staff safety.

It provides a route to protect the public and assure the NHS that company representatives admitted to sensitive areas are properly trained and are fully aware of their responsibilities.

This guarantees that the NHS and private sectors fulfil their duty of care to protect patients and ensure safe clinical outcomes.

The scope and criteria for the scheme is public and agreed by all parties involved.

It meets legal requirements on employment law and data protection as well as government and NHS policy on working with industry.

The Register comprises three tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Interaction with Healthcare Professionals but no interaction or contact with patients or relatives other than in areas open to the general public
  • Tier 2 – Interaction with Healthcare Professionals and with patients or relatives in areas where no invasive procedures are taking
  • Tier 3 – Interaction with Healthcare Professionals and with patients or relatives in areas where invasive procedures are taking place

Training for LSI Credentialing Register

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All HC Skills courses address the relevant tiers and they cover critical areas of training as well as addressing issues, policies and legislation including:

  • ABHI Code
  • ABPI Code
  • Commissioning
  • Competition and Procurement
  • Handwashing
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Hospital Access
  • Hospital Theatre Access

It is important that interactions by Life Science workers with hospital employees take place within a professional, ethical and safe framework.

Up until now, the responsibility for this lay with individual hospitals. This has led to variable practices in the standards and processes used within the NHS to check the status of industry staff on site.

That lack of consistency is being highlighted by this new register.

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