COVID-19 medical device training

Education and training tailored for those working for companies in the medical device sector

ONE thing the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us is the sheer professionalism of medical workers who have had to care for people stricken by the virus.

These employees – nurses, doctors, support staff and others – have demonstrated their commitment to the cause of reducing the impact of coronavirus across the world.

Of course, their experience and training have played a key role in enabling these professionals to work to the highest levels of safety while providing the absolute best care for those desperately in need of it.

These health care works (HCW) are all paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or their infectious secretions and materials.

Also, they themselves are in greater danger of contracting the virus than people from a non-medical background.

Furthermore, they can also amplify outbreaks within healthcare facilities if they become ill.

So the requirement for awareness of the dangers of infection spread within healthcare settings is more important than it ever was, as is the need for the absolute best training for staff – and external workers who are required to be in medical settings to assist surgical teams – to ensure they protect not only their patients but themselves too.

From the putting on and taking off of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to hand-washing, the understanding of hospital and clinical protocols and legal liabilities, these workers need to be able to operate optimally for the benefit of the patient, the surgical teams and ultimately their employers who have invested millions in the development of devices.

It is clear that medical device companies that have invested in education and training for their customer-facing staff (the better to support clinical teams with effective and time-efficient training, both virtual and real) will have a head start on their competitors for contracts.

Healthcare Skills Training International programmes are definitive, authoritative and the best in class for those professionals who provide in-situ support in hospitals.

We provide the best education and training that is tailored for the best people working for the best companies in the medical device sector.

Given the restrictions placed on physical contact by the pandemic and the reduction in face-to-face training and education programmes across a host of sectors – not just those that are medical-related – HC Skills have invested in virtual training modules to keep pace with a rapidly changing landscape.

Just like our classroom-based programmes, they are the best on the market and they are designed to deliver the best qualifications and accreditations to those for whom only the best will suffice.

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