IntelliCentrics Solutions Canada Announces Acquisition of Canada’s leading vendor management solution

Merger creates world’s largest vendor credentialing provider with full-service operations in the United States, Canada and Europe


TORONTO – October 7, 2014 – IntelliCentrics Inc., the leader in operational security and compliance management, today announced the acquisition of substantially all of Ltd.’s assets, a privately held vendor credentialing service located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With this acquisition, IntelliCentrics will unite the vast majority of North America’s vendor credentialing efforts into one standardized platform delivering higher levels of vendor compliance for all affiliated healthcare facilities. Vendor companies and their representatives will find new doors opened to them because their current Reptrax membership will be valid in every IntelliCentrics facility worldwide, including Vendorlink facilities, at no additional cost.

“We are excited to welcome into the IntelliCentrics organization,” said Mike Sheehan, global CEO of IntelliCentrics.

“The timing is perfect because, with the launch of IntelliCentrics SEC3URE, we can now deliver to Canadian healthcare organizations the ability to seamlessly engage with every single person entering their facility so that their policies and practices are applied consistently and universally. SEC3URE addresses everyone from medical staff to volunteers, and of course, the critical vendor community.”

“Canadian healthcare stakeholders are searching for innovative and scalable solutions that take advantage of technology to improve collaboration and drive costs down across the ecosystem,” said Michelle Floh, CEO of

“We believe the combination of our talented employees and IntelliCentrics’ innovative technology will help us provide a safer and more secure environment for Canadian hospitals and vendors.”

IntelliCentrics’ long-term commitment to serving its customers is demonstrated by substantial and continued investment in system technology, staff and efficiencies for healthcare facilities and their vendors. This commitment to safety and regulatory compliance ultimately results in improving the ability of vendors to comply with hospital standards and of healthcare facilities to comply with regulatory agencies’ best practices.

About IntelliCentrics, Inc.

IntelliCentrics simplifies the world of regulatory compliance by providing resources and tools to help hospitals make their facilities safer.

A security company with 20 years of experience and the provider of  Reptrax™, the requested and referenced standard for healthcare vendor credentialing, IntelliCentrics, Inc. is uniquely qualified to help hospitals and healthcare organizations maintain a safe and secure environment so they can provide the best possible patient experience.

IntelliCentrics services are currently in use by over 6,500 facilities throughout North America. IntelliCentrics Solutions Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary and sister company of IntelliCentrics Inc, focused on providing operational security solutions to the Canadian market.


IntelliCentrics SEC3URE is a subscription based service comprised of a set of customizable tools, including:

  • Credentialing of any individual and/or group entering the facility, including all medical staff and allied health professionals, other non-medical staff, volunteers and vendors
  • E-Training as required by an individual’s role
  • Communication platform to proactively maintain compliance
  • Mobile apps for greater levels of service and convenience
  • Reports to enable continuous improvement
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes in status or regulatory requirements

The SEC.URE service integrates many of the fragmented parts and pieces associated with credentialing and privileging medical staff so that it can now be applied to all individuals entering the premises as each facility deems appropriate.

With a SEC.URE subscription, IntelliCentrics handles all of the infrastructure, technology, administration, verification, monitoring, service and support so healthcare organizations can make privileging decisions with ease.

About Ltd. is a Canadian vendor management solution that protects institutions using proprietary software for vendor registration, screening, training and monitoring.
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