Welcome to Healthcare Skills Training International – Europe

Welcome to Healthcare Skills Training International – EUROPE, a renowned institution dedicated to providing exceptional post-graduate clinical education for clinicians, allied healthcare professionals, and device industry product support experts.


Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to equip all professionals working in acute care settings with comprehensive formal training. This training emphasizes patient safety, ethical compliance, and boosts clinical effectiveness, ensuring top-notch healthcare delivery.

Comprehensive Professional Training

Our unwavering commitment to patient safety and top-tier training has led us to craft interactive, concise courses tailored to the needs of busy healthcare professionals. These meticulously designed courses build upon your existing knowledge while providing recognized qualifications aligned with legal and professional standards.

External Validation and Accreditation

What sets us apart is our dedication to external validation and accreditation, conforming to both national and international qualification frameworks. We are a proud corporate partner of The Academy of Medical Educators, an esteemed organization driving improved patient care through excellence in teaching.

Approved Training Center by EduQual

Additionally, we are honored to be an approved training center by EduQual. EduQual, a regulated awarding body sanctioned by SQA-Accreditation—the esteemed national qualifications regulator of Scotland—operates with global recognition. Our accreditation status aligns us with the SCQF Partnership and the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

Global Partnerships for Excellence

EduQual-approved qualifications, such as those offered by Healthcare Skills Training International EUROPE, result from partnerships with world-class institutions, colleges, and training providers. With a vast network extending across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, EduQual’s reach knows no bounds.

Discover a New Level of Healthcare Training

Discover a new level of healthcare training with Healthcare Skills Training International – EUROPE. Elevate your expertise through our accredited courses, designed to prioritize patient safety and clinical excellence across Europe and beyond.


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