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Who We Are …

We offer a management consultancy service to healthcare organisations of all sizes, developing and supporting delivery of professional education and qualifications that:

  • promote and support innovation
  • improve patient outcomes
  • support patient safety

… What We Do

Healthcare Skills Training International came into being in 2000

Now based at the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, Healthcare Skills Training International is a group of healthcare professionals, all with qualifications in clinical education and successful in their field and specialty

At Healthcare Skills Training International Europe, our primary goal is to ensure the future of patient safety and uphold the integrity of medical standards. We achieve this through the delivery of credible qualifications that strictly adhere to relevant legal, ethical, and professional standards.
When it comes to training at Healthcare Skills Training International, you can trust that every aspect of each of our programmes is quality assured. Our courses undergo external validation and accreditation, aligning with international qualification frameworks.

We are proud to be an approved centre by EduQual, further validating the excellence and credibility of our training courses.

  • promote innovation
  • improve patient outcomes
  • support patient safety


E-mail: office@healthcareskills.com

Tel: +44 (0) 141 946 6482

Address: Healthcare Skills Training International Ltd
West of Scotland Science Park
Block 7, Kelvin Campus
Glasgow G20 0SP