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Short Course Postgraduate Diplomas

Qualification times set by EduQual are based on Ofqual guidance. This means the minimum hours for a Post-graduate diploma are recommended as 370 hours of learning. Each multiple of 10 learning hours equates to 1 credit. 

All credits are identified on the Certificate issued by the awarding organisation, EduQual. 

If you wish to use a Healthcare Skills International qualification to obtain a Masters Degree from a university you are required to present the university with a qualification transcript (see below), the university reviews the qualification transcript and subsequently award what they feel is the correct number of credit exemptions.

Each University is an institution in their own right and will award credits on individual basis at their discretion. Historically the majority of universities have allowed exemption for the whole of the credit value however it must be noted that this is discretionary ie one student was allowed all the credit value and one student that was not. This is an arbitrary process, each student is assessed individually, and our organisation does not have any input to the universities exemption panels. 

Regarding a qualification transcript, this would be something that you would request from EduQual as the Awarding Organisation that issued the certificate.

These documents are sometimes referred to as Notification of Performance (NOP) or in Scotland Record of Attainment (ROP). These documents should list all the modules or subjects you studied in each year, the marks or grades you achieved for each module and the UK credit value and level of each module.  It should be stamped or signed by the registry of the Awarding Organisation.

(Accredited Prior Learning/ Recognised Prior Learning/ Continuous Professional Development)

Any APL/RPL for our qualifications is contained in the credit value for the Continuous Professional Development, and the APL/RPL must relate to the qualification you are undertaking and must be available for external scrutiny should it be requested by the Awarding Organisation. 

Deadlines for submissions are in the ‘Examination Brief’ which is given at the end of our Post Graduate Diploma courses. In line with our policies, all assignments must be uploaded within one months of the completion of the training. 

However, we are always open to extending this for exceptional circumstances.

The two virtual training days on a Post Graduate Diploma course are consecutive.  If you can only attend one day and wish to attend the second day on another course, for example, we can, with advance request accommodate this. Get in touch with the Healthcare Skills Office to discuss things, if issues arise.



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