Benefits and Career Development for Industry Professionals

What Industry Professionals gain from our training courses

Our training courses are designed for individuals working in the field of medical technology and healthcare products, specifically those who need to be present in clinical risk areas to support surgical teams. These courses provide professionals with the competence and knowledge necessary to ensure patient safety and maintain high medical standards, both professionally and legally.

Here are the key benefits you can expect from our training programs:


  • Insight into Product Risk-Management and Regulations: Gain a deeper understanding of product risk-management processes, regulations, and the importance of delivering competence-based training to clinicians.
  • Industry Networking: Develop and maintain valuable industry networks through ongoing support and connections established during and after the course.
  • Added Value to Product-Supporting Roles: Learn how to champion patient safety and demonstrate collaborative support for clinical teams, enhancing your role and contribution.
  • Ethical and Legal Standards: Rest assured that our courses adhere to the highest ethical, legal, and teaching standards, ensuring the quality and integrity of the training you receive.
  • Customer Perspectives: Learn about the specific needs and expectations of your customers from faculty members who possess firsthand knowledge and expertise.
  • Accredited Qualifications: Earn recognized qualifications that can be used to enhance your degree to a ‘Masters’ level, showcasing your expertise and dedication.
  • Recognition by Healthcare Professionals: Receive acknowledgement and recognition from healthcare professionals for your newly acquired qualifications from Healthcare Skills Training International.
  • REsilience Course: Consider early and confidential intervention to mitigate stress in the challenging healthcare landscape through our REsilience course.
  • Validation and Specialization: Our courses undergo professional validation processes, incorporating reflective practice, analysis, and the application of knowledge tailored to your specialized clinical setting.

Main outcomes from training with us

Upon successful completion of our training programs for industry professionals, you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Greater Credibility: Enhance your credibility as a collaborator within clinical teams, demonstrating your valuable contributions.
  • Enhanced Practical Skills: Acquire practical skills that enable you to effectively train clinicians and contribute to their professional development.
  • Quality Assurance: Benefit from reassurance on quality, as our qualifications are regulated and externally audited to ensure their integrity.
  • Commitment to Continuous Education: Demonstrate your commitment to continuous education and professional development to employers and other stakeholders.
  • Improved Training Ability: Elevate your position by adopting teaching techniques similar to those used by surgeons in clinical education, reaching new levels of proficiency.

We support:

  • Mandatory Training Standards: We advocate for the establishment of mandatory training standards for industry representatives accessing clinical areas.
  • Professional Training Records: We encourage the development of a professional training record to document the qualifications and expertise of industry professionals.
  • Recognition of Industry Professionals: We seek recognition for the important role played by industry representatives in clinical areas and the application of applicable standards.
  • Societal Debate: We foster an ongoing societal debate on the role played by industry representatives in clinical areas and the standards that should be upheld.
  • Risk Assessment: We collaborate with hospitals and industry stakeholders to assess the risks associated with the presence of industry representatives in clinical areas.

Experience the multitude of benefits that our training courses offer to professionals in the industry. Join us to enhance your skills, expand your network, and contribute to maintaining high standards in healthcare.



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