Healthcare Skills Training International EUROPE, is a committed team of healthcare professionals. Our primary objective is to ensure the future of patient safety and uphold the integrity of medical standards. We achieve this by offering credible qualifications that adhere to all applicable legal, ethical, and professional standards.

Meet The Team

Diane Irvine​


With more than 35 years' experience in the healthcare medical devices industry, Diane worked for major multinationals whose products became market leaders in the UK and worldwide through technical innovation.

Willeke van den Hoofdakker

Associate Director

Willeke van den Hoofdakker is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience in oral healthcare and the medical device industry. She started in September 2023 in the role of Associate Director for Healthcare Skills Training International - Europe, where she is dedicated to delivering exceptional training programs to healthcare professionals.

Throughout her career, Willeke has demonstrated a strong commitment to patient care and professional development. She started as a dental hygienist, providing comprehensive oral healthcare services and later became a practice owner. Her expertise in dentistry allowed her to gain valuable insights into patient needs and effective treatment approaches.

Driven by a desire to expand her horizons in healthcare, Willeke transitioned into the medical device industry, where she held various roles as a Clinical Education Manager for industry-leading companies like Straumann and Align Technology. In these positions, she played a crucial role in developing and implementing training programs, empowering healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exceptional care.

In her current role as Associate Director for Healthcare Skills Training International - Europe, Willeke is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with healthcare professionals across the continent. Her aim is to equip them with the necessary skills and qualifications to deliver outstanding patient care while upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

Jacqueline Haughton

Medical Director

Jacki worked for the NHS for 38 years before retiring from clinical practice in 2014. She is a graduate of Birmingham University, and completed her surgical training in the West of Scotland and as RSO at St Mark’s Hospital London. She was the first Colorectal-trained consultant surgeon appointed to Lanarkshire Health Board in the early 1990’s, and developed local services during her 21 years in post. She had a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to healthcare, rapidly expanding much-needed lower GI services by training nurses in extended roles as an ‘early adopter’ of the concept, early in her career. She introduced the role and was first to train nurse-colonoscopists in Lanarkshire, and developed a popular ‘direct-to-test’ GP referral service before this was established as routine NHS practice. Jacki has trained NHS medical and nursing post-graduates for more than 40 years, and has taught all kinds of healthcare professionals as a member of Healthcare Skills faculty since 2000. She became Senior Clinical adviser at Healthcare Skills in 2018, writing new courses and video-recording online course materials.

Jacki became Medical Director at Healthcare Skills Training International in January 2023.

Shafi Ahmed

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Multi award winning cancer surgeon Professor Shafi Ahmed works at The Royal London Hospital. He is a member of the NHS assembly, advising government on NHS planning and was awarded the 2018 Future NHS Award by members of Parliament. He won the Silver Scalpel for best national trainer in 2015 and streams live operations (reaching the BAFTA shortlist in 2019). He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for his humanitarian work and global surgical education.

Shafi is on faculty at Imperial College, Barts Medical School, Queen Mary University, Bradford University, Harvard Medical School and Singularity University and has set up surgical education programmes in over 20 countries, including conflict zones. He is associate editor for Annals of Royal College of Surgeons and is on editorial board member at BMJ Innovations. He is one of the top 20 global influencers in digital health and innovation.

He is a three-times TEDx and international speaker having delivered over 250 keynote lectures in over 30 countries on innovation, the future of healthcare and digital transformation.

Shaffi has been a faculty member at Healthcare Skills Training International since 2021.

Jake Timothy

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Jake is a graduate of Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School. He has been a full time Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for over 10 years where he is currently associate clinical professor. He has been awarded numerous research grants and has published widely. He is an executive editor for an international journal. Jake is a prolific teacher of peer clinicians and allied health care professionals. He is a pioneer of innovative surgical techniques and is a NICE specialist advisor. Jake has served as UK representative for training at the European Association of Neurosurgeons, responsible for organizing and delivering teaching modules. In addition, he is Foundation Program Director at the Post Graduate Medical Education Yorkshire Deanery. Jake runs courses on Human Factors and Simulation and was awarded a Clinical Excellence in Service Delivery by his trust for developing and establishing a new procedure. Outside of the UK, Jake has collaborated with colleagues and partnered local surgeons to develop a modern spinal service for the high numbers of paralysed patients seen in Bangladesh.​

Graham Sunderland​

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Graham retired from full time clinical activity in June 2015 and continues to be involved part time in appraisal and training to support the NHS. He has a long-standing interest in surgical education and training and continues to be active in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow and Academy of Clinical Educators as a senior clinical educator. Graham was a member of the Patient Safety Board of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and continues as a member of the Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons faculty. He is a past Chairman of the Joint Surgical Colleges Fellowship Examination board in general surgery.

Mateen Jiwani

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Mateen graduated from St George’s Medical School, London in 2008. His interests include community health programmes, emergency medicine, medical devices and technology. Mateen also has a keen interest in Mental Health, completing a Masters Level Advanced Diploma in this field. He is an accomplished clinical trainer and is a tutor at St George’s Medical School. Mateen is a practicing GP and holds a number of Medical Directorship roles in healthcare. With a background in primary care, Mateen is well positioned to understand the whole patient journey: from GP surgery to hospital, and on their return to the community. He strongly believes clinicians must hear the patient’s voice and empower those we care for. Mateen is an Executive Medical Advisor for the NHS, and is on faculty at Harvard Medical School (Surgical Leadership and Innovation). He is an honorary lecturer in primary care, public health, telemedicine and digital health at Imperial College, London and an appraiser for NHS England.

Mateen has been a faculty member at Healthcare Skills Training International since 2017.

George Anderson

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

George was appointed Senior Category Manager in 2006, then was promoted to Head of Clinical Procurement at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He is responsible for the purchasing requirements of 58 operating theatres and recent major projects include Trauma (£2M), Neuro (£6K), Spine (£2.3M), and Laparoscopic (£2.6M) among many others. .

Throughout the pandemic, George managed all PPE procurement and provision for Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust.

He has been central to the development and implementation of bespoke supply chain solutions from point of manufacture to patient use, and has been instrumental in reducing lost clinical time and improved productivity through procurement. George has been instrumental in cost reduction through the latest e-enabled technology, which enabled him to keep budgetary control in the healthcare facilities under his purview. George has encouraged suppliers, managers and clinicians to work together for the benefit of the service, supporting the development of innovative products and routes to new markets to create full partnerships at all levels in healthcare.

George has been a Healthcare Skills Training International faculty member since 2010 and leads on our Procurement in Healthcare programme.

Paul Sim

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Paul Sim is Regulatory Affairs Manager at The British Standards Institution (BSI). He has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 35 years and has extensive experience in project-managing medical device regulations at EU level. Joining BSI in August 2010, he led the BSI effort, working with the Saudi Food & Drug Authority on the implementation of the SFDA Medical Device Interim Regulations.

Previously, Paul held senior RAQA (Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance) leadership positions at Spacelabs Healthcare, Teleflex Medical, Smiths Medical and BOC Group.

Paul’s medical device experience very broad: anaesthesia systems, patient monitors, vapourisers, ventilators, breathing circuits, single use sterile disposables and devices for re-use, infant warmers, incubators, steralisers, autoclaves, operating tables, infusion pumps and associated disposables, urinary catheters, surgical instruments, diagnostic cardiology and many others.

He received the Langton Hewer Award to Healthcare Industry in 2010 for his contribution to the specialty of Anaesthesia, from the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland, and is a member of Association of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences advisory board on Healthcare Standards.

Paul is a director of SiMedical Device Consulting and Deputy Chair of BAREMA (British Anaesthetic Respiratory Equipment Manufacturers Association). He is an Expert Member of the Medical Device Standards Committee and an advisor on standards to NHS England.

Paul has been a faculty member for Healthcare Skills Training International since 2015

Denise Cafarelli Dees

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Denise began a career in clinical research, service, management and education in the field of communicative disorders at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the USA over 35 years ago. She has worked in both public and private healthcare, the medical device industry and taught at post-graduate degree level, as well as providing professional education. She has served as an assessor of clinical competence and as an external examiner for professional organisations, hospitals and universities in the USA, UK and Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Australia for surgeons and other clinical team members, as well as device industry professionals

Anne Rhodes

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Anne’s career spans over 30 years in the perioperative care field. She held the positions of ‘lead nurse for theatres and day surgery’ and in healthcare education as ‘professional and practice development’ as a senior charge nurse. She has also been involved for many years in improving NHS perioperative care through the development of protocols, policies and publications. Anne is a member of faculty and a part of the team which develops bespoke training courses for medical device industry and other healthcare sector clients.



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