A full set of A-rated external audits for Healthcare Skills from EduQual!
Credit-rated, regulated qualifications are valued by our clients – they look great on your CV, and the training underpinning them is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Credits earned during our courses may also be used to elevate your degree to Masters level, and the post-nominals associated with our post-graduate diplomas enhance your academic standing. Because success on Healthcare Skills Training International’s courses leads to regulated, credit-rated qualifications – like University qualifications – we are (like Universities) an externally audited education centre. During the pandemic, our hugely popular ‘face-to-face’ theatre access course (Award in Access to Operating Theatres, SCQF Level 8, RQF Level 5, valid for IntelliCentrics/ Sec3ure, MIA/ LSI Tiers 1,2,3) became a course taught in our ‘virtual class-room’. The impact on patients if standards had slipped because of a change in our approach, would have been high. It was therefore agreed with the SQA (our UK Regulator) that every theatre-access course would be externally audited as part of the robust systems to ensure standards. Every one of our external audits for this course has been A-rated.



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