Congratulations to Mark Songhurst at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: recipient of Alumni Public Service Award, Anglia Ruskin University.

Mark Songhurst has been instrumental in the success of NHS Scan4Safety. Bringing about a paradigm shift in patient safety systems for the NHS, the Scan4Safety project has been led at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust by Mark since it began in 2016. Healthcare Skills Training International was chosen to create regulated competence-based training courses for Scan4Safety personnel, so those tasked with delivering this important project can risk-manage, interface safely and work with confidence in patient-facing clinical areas.
In recognition of his massive contribution, Mark has been awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Outstanding Alumni Award for Public Service by Anglia Ruskin University.

Scan4Safety is revolutionising patient safety using barcode technology. The barcodes on patient ID wristbands allow for quick and easy tracking of patients through their hospital journey, recording their physical location and medication, surgical procedures and the equipment used in delivering care. The system has the potential to save lives, reduce waste, and save precious NHS resources through the monitoring of items used in patient care, and product ‘track and trace’ for implantable devices and other equipment.




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