The legacy of IT innovations emerging during the pandemic has been sophisticated online ‘virtual’ platforms and the novel application of other software to healthcare. Post-pandemic we at Healthcare Skills Training International continue to provide high quality training while minimising travel carbon footprint and other costs. Our ‘virtual class-room’ Theatre Access-360 course uses our bespoke learning management system to expand the learner-experience. It bridges the gap between face-to-face learning and online, while also increasing the global reach of high-quality healthcare training. Our ‘virtual class-room’ is an ideal platform for training in product support knowledge and skills. We include access to a comprehensive theatre-suite virtual-tour resource for our trainees. This 360 approach offers a fully annotated all-round tour. Populated with mini-videos, notes and signposting instructions, it allows all our delegates to explore with ease. You can wander around the different areas of a state-of-the-art operating theatre suite at your own pace, with the answers to your ‘questions’ readily accessible.




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