Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) Re-accreditation course – (LSI Tiers 1, 2 and 3) (Online)

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Course Organiser - Healthcare Skills Training International EUROPE
Location - Online
Course summary

Introducing the Award in Access to Operating Theatres at EduQual Level 5 (LSI Tier 3, which includes Tiers 1 and 2). This qualification is designed to provide professionals with lifelong access to the necessary skills and knowledge for operating theatres. It is recommended to re-accredit your skills every two years, aligning with best practice in healthcare and allied professions.
This course is widely recognized and accepted by all credentialing schemes, including IntelliCentrics, MIA, and LSI. It is also benchmarked against National Occupational Standards, ensuring its alignment with industry expectations and requirements.

The course specifically caters to individuals who are primarily involved in supporting medical devices within operating theatres. By completing this qualification, you will gain comprehensive insights and expertise in this specialized area.

Upon purchase, delegates will receive a link and an enrollment key to access the course materials and begin their learning journey.

Enroll in the Award in Access to Operating Theatres and enhance your professional capabilities in supporting medical devices within operating theatre environments.






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