Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) – Our 360 Theatre Access course (Valid for IntelliCentrics / Sec3ure, MIA/LSI Tiers 1,2,3)

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Duration - 2 Days
Course Organiser - Healthcare Skills Training International EUROPE
Location - Virtual
Course summary

Introducing the Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) – a highly regarded qualification designed to provide professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to access and support operations within an operating theatre environment. This Theatre Access qualification is benchmarked against National Occupational Standards and is regulated by the UK Regulator: 360 Theatre Access.
360 Theatre Access offers a unique virtual tour experience, providing a 360-degree view of an operating theatre suite. This immersive approach bridges the gap between online and face-to-face training, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The course specifically caters to healthcare industry product support professionals in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors who are involved in providing support within operating theatre environments. It is recognized and accepted by various credentialing schemes, including IntelliCentrics and MIA/LSI.

The 360 Theatre Access qualification equips professionals with the knowledge and skills required by hospital management for individuals present in critical care areas, providing technical assistance within the context of the medical device industry. The qualification is accepted by all credentialing schemes, further validating its industry relevance. Re-accreditation is recommended every two years to ensure ongoing competence.

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Please note: the Award in Access to Operating Theatres (SCQF Level 8) is an SQA-Accreditation, accredited qualification. The Group Award Number is R556 04. For full details please visit the link provided here

Enroll in the Award in Access to Operating Theatres and gain the necessary expertise to effectively support operations within an operating theatre environment.



Professional Theatre Access Qualification 
Valid for MIA /LSI Tiers 1, 2, 3, Intellicentrics/Secure

Standards across Healthcare industry are high and key to both patient safety and company success. The role of the hospital salesperson has changed. They now need to be product technical specialists and the job is defined by the role not the title – they are Clinical Professionals, present in operating theatres and other clinical areas on a regular basis supporting products and educating staff on new products and technologies. The relationship between the clinician and the sales professional is no longer a selling opportunity ie the company representative is a valued member of the clinical team. In addition to this supportive role, medical device companies also have a responsibility for the lifetime risk management of their products and to provide ongoing service to hospitals and clinical teams.

Healthcare Skills Training International support these high standards providing a regulated Theatre Access qualification to the healthcare industry:

  • Benchmarked to National Occupational Standards
  • Delivered by audited training provider
  • Governed by UK Regulator

Virtual class 2 days for those new to the healthcare industry.
Exam only online qualification for experienced representatives (includes upload of practical assessments).

The Professional Theatre Access course develops the knowledge and skills which hospital management expect of healthcare industry personnel entering, assisting, and providing verbal/technical input within clinical areas.

Designed for roles in:

  • Medical Device,
  • Pharmaceutical and
  •  Regulatory environments.

The course delivers:

  • An understanding of what constitutes Best Practice in a clinical environment including infection control (hand washing & blood borne pathogens) PPE and Standard Precautions
  • The legal obligations in hospital and clinical settings
  • Competence based training approaches to product training
  •  Regulatory requirements, implications of medical device legislation and legal requirements for healthcare industry including correct patient use of products and reporting obligations.


The programme will be delivered in a virtual classroom setting with formal presentations; problem base learning and clinical sessions; facilitated with a qualified faculty with defining knowledge and experience.



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