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Course summary

Resilience is the key to achieving successful outcomes and maintaining a long-lasting career in today’s workplace environment. Resilient individuals possess the ability to stay in control and think quickly, finding innovative solutions to overcome challenges. What many people may not realize is that resilience can be learned. Our course offers a confidential and personalized approach, allowing you to engage with the material at your own pace and convenience. The “REsilience: How to Turbocharge Your Everyday” course, which utilizes innovative blended-learning techniques, is preferred by numerous busy professionals.
The course provides a relaxed timeframe of one month for progression. You have two options to choose from, based on your preferences and needs:

  • REsilience Program: This option includes a 360 self and peer evaluation survey, completed by you and your trusted colleagues, which is then analyzed to assess your personal strengths and coping skills. You will also receive a flipbook with associated materials and exercises, providing valuable insights on how to make positive changes and enhance your productivity. Upon completing the Resilience Program, you have the option to purchase coaching as an add-on.
  • REsilience Program with Coaching: In addition to the components offered in the REsilience Program, this option includes a one-to-one personal coaching session. You can book the coaching session once you have completed the course. During the virtual coaching session, you and your coach will discuss your 360 evaluation report and completed exercises, leading to the development of a customized plan for change and goal setting. If desired, a follow-up coaching session can be arranged to provide additional support.

The REsilience Program and the REsilience Program with Coaching are designed to earn you five CPD hours, certified by the CPD Certification Service.



Course Fee
  • REsilience Program: €405
  • REsilience Program with Coaching: €520
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