Post Graduate Award in Principles of the Clinical Virtual Consultation (EduQual Level 7)

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Diane Irvine of Healthcare Skills with Dr Mateen Jiwani on screen
Duration - Minimum 3 hours - Available 24/7
Course Organiser - Healthcare Skills Training International EUROPE
Course summary

Introducing the Principles of Clinical Virtual Consultation Postgraduate Award (EduQual Level 7, 1 credit), an accessible online course available 24/7. Developed by Healthcare Skills Training International and facilitated by Dr. Mateen Jiwani, a practicing GP and telemedicine specialist, this course provides comprehensive training in remote healthcare delivery.
In an era where new technologies and work practices are frequently adopted without adequate support or training, this short course addresses the need for essential knowledge in delivering healthcare remotely. Designed specifically for established clinicians, the course covers the following topics:

  • Telemedicine: Understanding the principles and applications of telemedicine in healthcare delivery.
  • Video consultation: Effective techniques and best practices for conducting video consultations with patients.
  • Risk assessment: Assessing and managing risks associated with remote healthcare delivery.
  • Clinical governance: Ensuring quality and safety in virtual consultations through robust governance processes.
  • Digital healthcare medico-legals: Understanding the legal and ethical considerations in the context of digital healthcare.

At Healthcare Skills Training International, we uphold the highest ethical, legal, and teaching standards in all our professional programs. We are dedicated to providing top-quality education to healthcare professionals. Enroll in the Principles of Clinical Virtual Consultation Postgraduate Award and gain the essential skills and knowledge to deliver remote healthcare confidently and effectively.






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